Log of the Wawa

by George B. Strouse The following story is from the ship’s log maintained by George Strouse when he took a cruise on his 34 foot powerboat, the Wawa. (Yeah, just like the convenience store chain. Wawa is an American Indian term for the Canadian goose.) It was a long cruise, beginning in Lake Champlain and … Read more

Jun 1 – 13, 1910

June 1 – October 12, 1910Port Henry to Tonawanda, NY(The Hard Way) In the following log, Granddad’s handwriting was at times hard to read and I may have misread some names or not been able to be sure of their spelling. Also, there was a minimum of punctuation and I have added it to make … Read more

Jun 14 – 27, 1910

Tuesday, June 14, 1910 Fine morning. Nothing special. Wednesday, June 15, 1910 Still at Marnes dock. Nice day. I and Harry caught about 25 perch. Thursday, June 16, 1910 Left Pmuse’s Point at about 8:30 a.m. bound for St. John. Reached there about 11:30 after a nice run down the river. Very pretty. Used chart … Read more

Jun 28 – Aug 1, 1910

Tuesday, June 28, 1910 Left the Cedars and ran through the Soulange and Lake St. Francis. All well. Think I hit two but am not sure. Reached Cornwall and stayed in part of the old canal tied up to an old barge. Fairly good town. Wednesday, June 29, 1910 Left about 8:00 a.m. and after going to … Read more

Aug 30 – Oct 3, 1910

Tuesday, August 30, 1910 Left the Colonial Yacht Club after getting 30 gallons gasoline at 13¢. Also water. At 7:30 a.m. came to Perth Amboy via outside of Staten Island. Got some rough toward last but came through all OK. Landed at the Raritan Yacht Club at Perth Amboy. Here Charlie and the pilot left, going … Read more

Oct 4 – 12, 1910

Tuesday, October 4, 1910 Stayed at Storrs Monday night, Tuesday, and Tuesday night. Wednesday, October 5, 1910 Got down to the boat about 9:30 a.m. Put on 10 gallons gas at 15¢. Got going at 10:00 a.m. and ran to Roudont (Rondont??) Creek. Ran up the Creek and waited until the down boat had passed, then started and ran … Read more