Cross Country Skiing

Sandy and I have long been members of the Harrisburg, PA, based Kick ‘n Gliders Nordic Ski Club. Club members usually organize and run a 12 – 15 extended cross country ski trips, mostly in the northeast and Canada.

Our trips range from three days to a week in duration. We generally rent a large house or group of condos and prepare our own meals as a group. Finances are handled through the club, insulating individual members from financial risk. Our website, for which I serve as webmaster, is

I make it a practice to collect photos and video clips each day that were taken by participants and mash them into short videos that I show during the trip. Occasionally I also create a more elaborate video for special events that the Club runs.

A few of those videos follow:

2022 North Conway, NH
2022 Boonville, NY
Loose Heels – 2019 Kick ‘n Gliders’ Banquet Video
Inlet, NY, February, 2020
2019 Laurentians Video