March 1, 2004 In the spring of 2004, returning to the US from our cruise to The Bahamas, I discovered a lump on the left side of my throat. I was eventually diagnosed with metastatic squamous neck cancer with occult primary. The story of my successful treatment follows. The prognosis was not especially rosy. To … Read more

The Good-News / Bad-News Story

August 23, 2004 Sandy and I met with the Radiation Oncologist on Friday, 8/21. The good news is that the PET scan apparently revealed my hidden primary tumor. It’s on the right base of my tongue. The location is consistent with the cancer found in the two lymph nodes in the left side of my … Read more

Some News Just Ain’t Hardly Fit to Print

September 9, 2004 Hi, folks, Please forgive me for informing you this way, but there are just too many phone calls to make and too many times to say the whole story. I, Bill Stine, have cancer. Sandy and I know you’d want to know so I’m using e-mail where I can. I’ve already informed … Read more

Adventures in Dining -or- Can You Spell “Ensure”

September 28, 2004 Hi, all! First, I want to thank all who’ve been sending cards and making calls. I really appreciate them all, as does Sandy! Both my radiation and chemotherapy treatments commenced on September 14. The radiation experience was about as expected since I’d gone through a simulation on the 9th. Since they’ve begun … Read more

Fife Down, Tu-Tu Go!

October 19, 2004 Stupid? Maybe. But, after five days of hiccups I think I’m entitled to stupid. Oh, yeah, and a cold, too! Today is a bit of a shed-water event as I graduate into Phase II of my radiation treatments. Until now the IMRT radiation technique has distributed the radiation relatively evenly among all … Read more

Treatments Complete … In Recovery

November 5, 2004 Hello, all! I just realized that it’s been nearly three weeks since I wrote. Well, the headline is true. The final chemo session was scheduled for Friday, Oct 29. But, since it was so near the end of my radiation, Dr. Gottleib said it really wouldn’t add much to my therapy and … Read more

Up from the Abyss

November 21, 2004 Hi, All! It turns out that a couple of days after the last time I wrote, Nov 5, was he bottom of the barrel as far as how I felt throughout my cancer treatments. I finally began to feel noticeably better beginning about a week and a half ago. I can now … Read more

Road To Recovery

December 4, 2003 Hi, all! I’m just back from a work-out session at the health club. I’m feeling much better … except for the muscle pain! It is amazing how out of shape you become from just a few weeks of inactivity. It is also amazing how fast one can heal after going through the … Read more

Bill Stine’s News is GOOD!

December 15, 2003 “IMPRESSION: The patient’s primary tumor at the base of the tongue is no longer definitively visualized.” That’s the important statement after the PET scan by the Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging of the Lancaster Health Alliance. In other words, the tumor in my tongue appears to be gone! My doctor’s words … Read more