Bill & Sandy Stine’s EKKO Mods

What’s an EKKO?

EKKO is the model name of an ultra-compact, class C motorhome manufactured by Winnebago. Class C means that the camper is built on a commercial cut-away van or truck chassis. The chassis provides a familiar-to-drive front structure that includes seats, a dash, opening doors, and body sheet metal. The builder, in this case, Winnebago, builds the camper part behind the front structure, or cab. Although class C motorhomes have been around for years, ultra-compact models like the EKKO are new to the US market. Winnebago’s EKKO was introduced for the 2021/2022 model year. Ours is a 2023 EKKO built on a 2023 chassis.

Built on a heavy duty, dual rear wheel Ford Transit AWD chassis, the EKKO starts out as a pretty capable vehicle. At only 23 feet overall length it can maneuver into spaces that are difficult for larger motorhomes and towed trailers. And, equipped as it is with a large solar array on the roof, a massive battery system and 50 gallons of fresh water, there is rarely a need to camp in facilities that provide electrical, water or sewer hookups. Another huge bonus is the large “gear garage” that allows us to chose to carry many more toys and gear than we would with most other small motorhomes.

We’ve owned and spent lots of time in recreational vehicles including three boats and two previous campers. As a result we know what we want and, like many other owners, want to personalize any RV we own to meet our particular needs. That includes our new EKKO. This page is mainly directed to other RVers, especially other EKKO owners, who like to share their ideas for modifications. Indeed, we took many of the ideas that follow from other owners.

What follows are the details of some of our “mods”.