Eastport, ME, to Home

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Saint John, NB to Eastport, ME

Cumulative mileage: 6,179 as we crossed back into the US

Overcast and low 60s in the morning, then clearing, windy, mid 70s

Terry, our Wagonmaster, and our Tailgunners, Ron and Judy, prepared a nice last day breakfast of fruit, pastries and two egg dishes for the group. Then everyone said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

I was feeling a bit better but still got fatigued very quickly. Fortunately, we had only a short drive to the border crossing at Calais, ME, before heading to the Seaview Campground in Eastport.

Our border crossing was routine except that the officer decided to check our camper’s refrigerator for forbidden foods. Thinking he’d found some limes, he apologized when he realized they were avocados and that they were fine to bring across.

Since I was out of books we made a quick stop at the Calais public library where masked up, stayed away from people and purchased a few titles with which I could occupy some time.

Then it was on to the campground where Sandy retrieved her CBD lotion and we set up the camper in a lovely site overlooking the water. We didn’t even unhitch the camper from the car to save my energy.

Fittingly, Our Final Real Campsite Overlooks Water

We finally decided to head directly home rather than stick me with remaining in the camper while I waited out my quarantine period. So I canceled our three remaining reservations.

I rested and read while Sandy wrote out some greeting cards. Later I managed to down some shrimp we’d picked up in Alma while Sandy ate my salmon dinner she’d brought back from the farewell dinner.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Eastport, ME, to Sturbridge, MA

Overcast early, then clearing, mid 80s

We got on the road by 7:15. But after fifteen minutes Sandy realized she’d left her sunglasses in the campground shower the evening before. So, back we went and the sunglasses were still hanging where she’d left them.

Other than a couple of heavy-traffic slowdowns, the drive was uneventful. Rather than waste the time and money to set up in a regular campground, we decided to find a suitable parking lot. Many places allow you to stay overnight for free in their parking lots. Places like WalMart locations, trucking travel centers and, in our case, the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Sturbridge, MA.

Dinner was some forgettable takeout from the restaurant. It was hot and we had no electricity to run our AC. Fortunately, there was enough breeze to keep the camper cool so it was comfortable sleeping.

Is it somehow ironic that this is the same town where we spent our honeymoon just a little more than fifty years ago?

Monday, August 29, 2022

Sturbridge, MA, to Home

Cumulative mileage: 6,988

Sunny and hot with a high of 90°

We had no problem waking up this morning as a loud, refrigerated food delivery semi-truck was delivering food to the restaurant for a couple of hours. So, 7:30 found us on the road after filling our cups with coffee from a Dunkin Donuts.

Again, lots of traffic caused a few slowdowns but, in general, the drive went well and I held up OK. Still, it was hot when we got home and I was really tired. So I left Sandy to do most of the unloading of the car and camper while I quickly reacquainted myself with my recliner. Ahhhhh …