Hopewell Cape and Saint John, NB

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Truro, NL, to Hopewell Cape, NB

Overcast with rain showers in the morning, clearing but muggy

We departed our campground mid-morning on our way to Ponderosa Pines CG near Hopewell Rocks. As we crossed into New Brunswick the terrain became very flat. Sandy wanted to stop to pick wild blueberries or raspberries. We located a place that allowed you to pick your own but, when we arrived, discovered a sign saying they were all “picked out” and were closed.

After setting up, the group headed to Hopewell Rocks. Since we’d seen the place at low tide on our way north, I felt like I might be coming down with a cold and stayed behind to write. Nan and Sandy decided to ride a short bike trail from our campground that led to the rocks. They got there but it was a really rough trail and they actually walked their bikes part of the way. After their visit they called me to come pick them and their bikes up.  No way did they want to return on the muddy & rocky trail!

For dinner we cooked salmon and green beans and Sandy made some potato salad.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Hopewell Cape to Saint John, NB

Cumulative mileage: 5,982

Cloudy, clearing mid-morning, 80 degrees

Before leaving for Saint John the group drove to the park to see Hopewell Rocks at high tide. What a difference!  While we both went to the park, I ended up waiting in the car because I felt too tired to make the short walk to the viewpoint.

Hopewell Rocks at Low Tide
Hopewell Rocks at High Tide

By 11:30 we were hitched up and departed for Saint John, our last stop with the caravan. Retracing our northbound route through Alma and Fundy NP, we decided we just couldn’t pass up the chance to purchase more picked lobster meat from the Alma Lobster Shop.

Once set up at the campground in Saint John Rockwood Park, Sandy decided to take the opportunity to do some laundry. Meanwhile, I was feeling really lousy with a very runny nose and feeling fatigued. So I tested for COVID and, yeah, the test was positive. Crap!

Dinner was a decidedly unambitious can of pea soup. I guess the soup was pretty good since it is a Canadian favorite, not that I could taste much.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Saint John, NB

Overcast, sprinkles, 70s

Needless to say, I spent the day in the confines of the camper, finishing the last book I had with me and lying down, resting. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who tested positive. That morning we learned that Nan and our leader, Barry, also tested positive. Barry, in particular, was in pretty rough shape and his wife, Terry, was anxious to get him to the US where he could be treated with Paxlovid.

Bee Finds This Flower Interesting

Sandy tested negative that morning. So she decided to go on a bus tour of Saint John after members of our group agreed that she should go. Not to be confused with St John’s, Nova Scotia (notice the possessive of the name “St John’s”), the city is a major Canadian shipping harbor and the Irving Paper Company is a major employer. They stopped at the Carleton Martello Tower, a harbor fortification built during the War of 1812 to help defend against invasion by land. That was followed by a stop at the Reversing Falls between the St John River and the Bay of Fundy. Their final stop was at the Farmer’s Market downtown. It is maybe half the size of Lancaster’s Central Market and featured more retail stands than produce stands.

Carleton Martello Tower
Reversing Falls Connects St John River to Bay of Fundy through Narrow Gorge
Saint Johns Farmers Market Is a Bit Shy in Farmers Produce

That evening was a farewell dinner to celebrate a successful trip. Held at the park’s Lily’s Lakeside Restaurant, Sandy reported that it was the best dinner of the trip. Terry made some summary comments about the trip and individuals took turns sharing what they regarded as their best memories. And, they said farewell to Moe & Steve, a pair of stuffed moose that were passed around and decorated with mementos of the trip. Finally, Terry handed out gift bags and there was a door prize for everyone!

Moe, the Moose, and His Sidekick, Steve, Make Their Final Appearance As a Decorated Team