Eastport, ME

Sunset at Mount Desert Narrows Campground

Friday, July 15, 2022

Acadia NP to Eastport, ME       

Blue skies, high 70s

We were on the road by 9:30 on our way to Seaview Campground in Eastport, Maine. Eastport is the  easternmost point in the US, where the sun rises first. The drive on mostly two-lane roads was pleasant following the “Bold Coast Highway”. Along the way there was a miles-long section in Franklin County where American flags were displayed from most of the powerline poles. Quite a sight!

We arrived at our campground late in the afternoon and our enthusiastic host directed us to our beautiful, hillside site overlooking Passamaquoddy Bay. We got set up just in time to assemble a fruit platter to take to a pot luck dinner in the social hall. The group who showed up were mostly seasonal campers for whom this was a long time tradition; not many short timers like us were there.

Sites at Seaview Campground Live Up to Their Name
Dock at Seaview Campground
Seaview Has Rental Cottages Too

The food was great and the people friendly. Following the meal Sandy joined another part of the tradition, a dice game called right, left, center. In short order she walked away the $30 winner! It was a beautiful evening where we sat overlooking the bay as the sun set.

Saturday, July 15, 2022

Eastport, ME         

Clear sky and hot, low 80s

We went out for breakfast to the Schooner Room on the water in Eastport. Afterwards we explored the little town. Like most towns in the area its history is all about the water and fishing. While most of that industry has transformed or is gone, many of the old structures remain, either as historical sites or having been updated to retail. While the town does not appear prosperous, it is clear that a tourist industry is developing. Homes in the area are well kept and the north end of town is seeing development of individual luxury homes.

Mid Tide in Eastport Harbor
Waterfront Sculpture in Eastport
Moored Workboats in Front of Salmon Farming Operation

It was a beautiful day but very humid. Returning to the camper, Sandy loaded up our laundry and drove to the nearest laundromat, half an hour away in Calais. I turned on the AC and spent the afternoon writing and reading.

When we arrived yesterday I noticed that the small cable that turns on the camper’s brakes in an emergency had mysteriously been cut. Fortunately, I was able to have the local marine hardware store make a replacement.

Dinner was sautéed scallops, green beans and sliced tomatoes. Delicious!

Sunday, July 16, 2022

Eastport, ME         

Sunny with temps rising from the low 60s to the mid 70s. Fog and drizzle in the afternoon then clearing.

Same Picture Before and After, 8 Hours Apart, Low Tide
Same Picture Before and After, 8 Hours Apart, High Tide

We decided to explore Lubec, another small town to the south and just about as far east as Eastport. We walked around, noticing a bit more development than in Eastport, before entering Canada by crossing the international bridge to Campobello Island, NB.

McCurdy Smokehouse Complex in Lubec was Last Operating Herring Smokehouse in the US

While clearing Canadian customs we inquired about the details of what we could bring into Canada and were glad we did. No uncooked poultry or eggs are allowed. Nor are any cannabis products. That meant we’d have to thaw and cook a couple of pounds of chicken tenders and hard boil a dozen eggs. Also, we’d leave Sandy’s CDB lotion at the campground office to be retrieved on our return to the US.

Our first stop on Campobello was the Mulholland Point Lighthouse. The light is in a very picturesque setting and park.

Mullholland Lighthouse on Campobello Island, Just Across International Bridge from Lubec, ME

Then it was on to FDR’s summer cottage in what is now the Roosevelt Campobello International Park for which Canada and the US share financial and operational responsibilities. We took the free guided tours of FDR’s and a neighbor’s home, both beautifully restored, as well as the grounds.

FDR’s Summer Home, Now an International Museum
Everyone’s Dream Laundry Facility in FDR Summer Home

Stopping at the beach at Head Harbor Lighthouse we sat under a pavilion to have a snack. By now the breeze had picked up and some fog was rolling in. On our drive to the light we noticed that the Campobello Consolidated School had flags with pictures of their dozen or so graduates posted on power poles near the school; neat!

As we began to head back, the fog was getting heavier and visibility became limited. Crossing back into the US, we made one last stop, this one at Quoddy Head Light. It was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson in 1808.

Time to Start the FOG Horn at Quoddy Head Light

Touring the exhibit in the lightkeeper’s house, we made conversation with the docent and I noticed yet another navigation instrument labeled as a sextant but which I call an octant or a quadrant. That’s number three on this trip. Is it me or the rest of the world who is correct?

Back at the campground we cooked off our chicken and boiled our eggs and drank a little more beer and wine than usual to get down to the limits imposed for our border crossing tomorrow.

Dinner was chicken salad, made with some of that chicken we’d cooked off, broccoli salad with a side of pickled beets.