Acadia NP, ME

Monday, July 11, 2022

North Conway, NH, to Acadia NP

59° early, bright sunshine, mid 70s

This was a travel day and we were on the road by 9:30. It was a long but nice drive along mostly small roads. The most spectacular sight was the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, a 2,120-foot-long cable-stayed bridge at Prospect, ME. We arrived at the Mount Desert Narrows campground and set up in our site which had a nice water view.

Then we were off to visit our friends, Gregg & Terri Scott, at their home in Northeast Harbor. The house renovation and new garage and guest house construction are in the final stages with mostly landscape work remaining. The houses are lovely, a testament to the Scott’s architectural and decorating chops. Their uninterrupted view across Somes Sound to Acadia Mountain is beautiful.

View Past Scott Home, Guest House and Garage to Somes Sound

We shared a dinner of salmon, corn on the cob and caprese salad at the Scotts and celebrated Gregg’s and Sandy’s birthdays. Gregg actually baked a gluten free layer cake with butter cream icing for the event. Excellent!

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Acadia NP

Blustery, sunny changing to overcast, low 70s

We began this day bicycling some of the many carriage roads inside Acadia NP. We chose to do the 8½ mile loop around Jordan Pond. The road was easy riding, well packed gravel. The woodland scenery, as well as views of Jordan and Bubble ponds, was beautiful. However, the route included several long climbs that taxed our endurance.

Reflections Across Jordan Pond on a Cloudy Day
Another View of Jordan Pond

We crossed only one of the famous bridges, Deer Brook Bridge, that John D. Rockefeller Jr. had constructed as part of the 45 mile network of carriage roads. Each bridge is a unique work of the stonemason’s art.

Deer Brook Bridge is One of Many Unique Carriage Road Bridges
Ferns Cap a Boulder Along One of the Carriage Roads
As Usual, One of My Unidentified Flower Pictures

That evening we met the Scotts for dinner at the Nor’Easter restaurant on Northeast Harbor’s beautiful harbor. It’s a very nice, casual place with many gluten free options for Sandy who had a lobster roll with French fries, all gluten free. Well, maybe not so much. A few hours later Sandy got hit really bad with classic symptoms of having ingested gluten. We’ll forgo details of that event! It was a very disappointing outcome.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Acadia NP

Cumulative miles: 1,860

Low 80s, sunny with beautiful, clear blue skies

We met Terri & Gregg for a walk on the Ocean Path between Sand Beach and Otter Point. Crowded doesn’t due justice to the situation! We drove more than a mile along the road that parallels the path before we found parking near Thunder Hole. That said, we jumped on to the path and headed south and enjoyed every minute of our walk down and back. The path often opens to the exposed high, rocky shoreline that makes this such a popular place. And, despite the crowds we never felt crowded. There were lots of opportunities to walk out on the rocky cliffs to feel the breezes and view the sights.

Typical View of Acadia’s Rocky Shoreline
Everyone Loves to Clamber Over the Rocky Shoreline
Notice the Guy Climbing the Pinnacle
Stines and Scotts Posing
Botanists Might Name This Flower But Not Me
We First Thought This Insect Might Be a Tiny Hummingbird
Photographing Butterflies is Always a Challenge

After returning to our campground we prepared to host Terri & Gregg for dinner at our campsite. The menu was chicken tenders in caper/cream sauce with green beans and pickled red beets. After watching the sun set over the water we returned to a rare-for-us campfire where we roasted marshmallows and ate some of Gregg’s home made chocolate chip cookies before calling it an evening.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Acadia NP

Low 70s, heavy overcast with no wind

Weird … our smoke alarm went off about 2:00 am! It silenced itself after blowing at it for a minute or so but we weren’t sure why it set off. We could only suppose that some smoke from a neighbor’s campfire (I had thoroughly doused ours before we went to bed) drifted in through our open windows.

The day was a slow one for us. We drove to Ellsworth for groceries and to fill the gas tank. I did some writing for the blog while Terri picked up Sandy to do some girl-time shopping in Ellsworth.

We said our goodbyes when Terri dropped Sandy off at the campground since we will hit the road tomorrow morning. It was really nice to spend time with them; seems easier to find time to be together up north than it is in Lancaster!

So, this ends the family and friends portion of our trip until we head back south from Canada on our way home in about a month and a half. From here on out it’s mostly new places with new friends whom we have yet to meet!