Twizel to Christchurch, NZ

Twizel, NZ

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Late that afternoon we reached our final NZ destination, returning to Christchurch, 302 Russley, and the Carpenters.  We had dinner at the Merrin Street Bar, a local pub/restaurant.  It was delicious!

Christchurch, NZ

Thursday, December 21, 2000

Our last day in NZ!  What a chore repacking our bags and stuffing our belongings and newly acquired gifts/souvenirs back into them.  Carolyn, we’re about ready to make use of your “souvenir” bag!

Christchurch Bridge of Rememberance

Christchurch Bridge of Rememberance

We spent the morning in Christchurch checking out the stores and restaurants.  And, shopping for the ultimate elusive New Zealand sweater for Sandy.  We had a delicious roast tomato soup with green onions.  Then, off to the airport for a trip to Melbourne.  At this point we were both getting very excited to catch up with our friends.  We heard from others at the airport that the temps in Melbourne hit about 40C (about 104F) that day!

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