Exterior Storage

Tailgate Kitchen Area: We did not purchase the kitchen option. We installed a shelf across the compartment’s width. Below are crates to store extra supplies. Above is a pull-out drawer that is fitted with an induction cooking plate. Other supplies are stored under and beside the drawer. Garage: Once we decided to move our bikes … Read more

Door & Screen Door

The door/screen door combination on the EKKO is a solid, sturdy setup. However, there are a few deficiencies it its design. First, the magnet that helps the two parts swing together was too weak. Second, in order to open the door and screen door together you had to operate both the latches. Finally, the slide … Read more

Cab Area

Rear View Mirror: We all know how useless the standard rearview mirror is. We installed a WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera that fits over the standard mirror. I installed it with the hardwire kit and needed the 33 foot Rear Camera Extension Cord Cable to reach from the garage to the … Read more

Bedroom Storage

Driver’s Side Closet: Door and rod were removed and custom drawers were built to fit in the space. The drawers’ depth allows for a hamper behind the drawers. The door was cut and used for drawer faces. A first aid kit fits on the floor below the drawers. Note to others who want to build … Read more


Holding the Shower Wall in the Shower Position: There was no way to hold the shower wall in position. We added a door stop to limit how far it would swing but allowing the curtain to operate along its track. A small bungee loop and post holds it in the shower position. Toothbrushes and Water … Read more

Kitchen Storage

There is pretty much storage volume in the kitchen area of the EKKO. For the most part, though, the storage areas are large empty caverns. It is up to the owner to decide how to best use them. They need to be subdivided to be useful. We could have purchased generic kitchen cabinet shelves, etc., … Read more

Bikes & Storing Them

Bikes & Storing Them The Bikes: We wanted bikes that folded to facilitate storage in the EKKO garage. We settled on a pair of RadExpand 5 ebikes. Our plan is to use them for exercise and pleasure while on the road and for short distance utility transportation. So far that plan is working well. Storage … Read more


Our EKKO’s Name We gave the name WAWA to our EKKO in honor of Bill’s great grandfather who made a rather extraordinary trip in his boat, the WAWA, in 1910. The story of George Strouse and his voyage on the WAWA can be found at the following link: https://weewillystine.net/2021/09/06/log-of-the-wawa/ Our EKKO

Bill & Sandy Stine’s EKKO Mods

What’s an EKKO? EKKO is the model name of an ultra-compact, class C motorhome manufactured by Winnebago. Class C means that the camper is built on a commercial cut-away van or truck chassis. The chassis provides a familiar-to-drive front structure that includes seats, a dash, opening doors, and body sheet metal. The builder, in this … Read more