Georgetown, The Bahamas

Kidd Cove, Georgetown, The Bahamas

Monday – Wednesday, February 23 – 25, 2004

Yoga, again! Then, we decided that we’d like a change of scenery so we moved the boat to the anchorage at Kidd Cove, near town. We needed to do laundry, for one and the location is convenient for running the laundry back and forth to town without getting thins wet. We were in luck. We got to the laundromat and found four idle washing machines. Bill took off to do e-mail. Afterwards, we visited the stores and loaded up with groceries.

That evening we went to Eddy’s Edgewater bar and Grill for their twice-weekly “Rake & Scrape”. Today, this is a guitar band featuring a saw as one of the instruments. The saw is used as a percussion instrument, scraping a screwdriver shaft against the teeth of the saw. Bill thinks the “rake” referred to a rake handle that would have served as the handle of a tub bass but today they substituted an electric bass for the tub that remained in the corner. Anyway, the music was a Bahamian beat with songs that went on-and-on. We all danced and had a great time.

On the way back to the dinghy dock and our ride home we passed the brightly lit basketball court and stayed to watch part of the game. Sandy just can’t resist! It was intra-island league play featuring moderate skills and lots of enthusiasm.

2/24, Tuesday

Finally, we managed to arrange an island tour with the legendary Christina. We got five couples together from Whistwind, Pearl, Simple Life, Walt & Xxxxx (Will-o-the-Wisp) and Robyn & Bob (from New Zealand/Texas). Portions of the island are beautiful. We toured north on the island, stopping at an island produce farm and distributor, the Three Sisters Inn for lunch and the beautiful Emerald Bay resort. Christina also stopped for her patented, bush medicine show. She gathers herbs along the way and treats her tour to a treatise on herbal medicine used on the island. She’s a recognized expert in this stuff (she even wrote a book) and did a nice job.

Afterwards, while some of the gals traipsed through the local shops, some of the guys stopped at Two Turtles for some liquid refreshment.

2/25, Wednesday

Today was clear and sunny with light winds. Sandy got a ride into yoga at Hamburger Beach. Later, Bill took her to a basket weaving class at Volleyball Beach. Does this all sound like Bill’s Taxi Service, or what? Sandy’s got to learn to operate the dinghy! Not to waste the trip, Bill filled up our water containers with RO water at Volleyball Beach and filled the tanks on the boat.

While Sandy was learning all her new skills, Bill got out his trusty soldering gun and installed new motor for the autopilot. It worked! Thanks, Christopher and the gang on White Heron! Now we won’t have to hand steer all the way back to Maryland! He also dinghied into town to fill the dinghy fuel tank and diesel tank for the boat.

Later, we visited w/ Trust Me and Liberty and had Glenn & Rita (Liberty) for dinner that evening.