N Myrtle Beach to Charleston, SC

Barefoot Landing, N. Myrtle Beach, SC

November 3, 2003

Although we anticipated lots of shopping at Barefoot Landing, we were disappointed to find a tourist trap that tried to pass for a big-time discount outlet area. Fortunately, the stop was a great social situation. We’re caught up in the main flow of snowbirds who have caught up with us as we proceed at our stately pace.

The long face dock is free and cost-conscious cruisers take advantage of it. The tradition is to raft boats when the dock space fills up. This night there were boats rafted 3 & 4 deep. A quick count tallied 32 sail and 17 power boats.

We went to the Crab Shack for happy-hour drinks and half-price, outstanding appetizers … like Sandy’s choice of ¾ pound of steamed shrimp for $5.00! Afterwards we attended the Alabama Theater Christmas show. It was excellent, not only because of the half-price tickets we got but because it was a great cast in a fast paced, funny and touching production.

Barefoot Landing, N. Myrtle Beach, SC, to Minim Creek

November 4, 2003

Fog shrouded the dock at 6:30 a.m. when many boaters were planning to leave. But, by 7:00 it had pretty well lifted and boats began heading south in droves. We cast off the two French Canadian boats that were rafted on us and were underway by 7:15.

Today’s run lead us through the Waccamaw River. This stream winds through haunting cypress swamps, beautiful, but a bit of a reminder of the movie, Deliverance! We passed up our chance to purchase the “excellent” sausage at Bucksport and continued downstream. As the river widened, a breeze came up and we motor-sailed to help make progress against the considerable current in the lower stretches of the river. We had intended to explore the small town of Georgetown, but were informed the anchorage had been largely filled by private moorings and the remaining space was very crowded.

Anchorage at Minim Creek
Anchorage at Minim Creek

So, we continued down stream, through a canal and into Minim Creek. This beautiful creek is in grassy marsh with no houses in sight. We shared the anchorage with a dozen or so other boats, many of whom we recognized from Barefoot Landing. After 62 miles of motoring and motor-sailing, we were ready for the peaceful, easy feeling of this quiet anchorage!

Minim Creek, SC, to Charleston, SC

November 5, 2003

Today’s 55-mile trek was through rivers and land cuts, all into the wind. It was strictly motoring today. We finally emerged into Charleston’s harbor and headed up the Ashley River, under the 55-ft bridge, fueled and tied up in the Ashley Marina. This is a nice, fairly new marina within walking distance of downtown and with an efficient courtesy van service. We’ll stay here for about five nights to do some maintenance and to visit with Sandy’s brother, Bob, and his wife, Pat.

As we headed for our slip, we saw Osprey tied up right across the dock from Pearl!

After showers, we walked to dinner at the Variety Store at the City Marina just down the river.

Charleston, SC

November 6 – 9, 2003


Work, work, work! Varnished eyebrow and handrail, changed oil, installed indoor/outdoor thermometer (works great, John), caulked window and mast boot, etc. Hot and humid! Showers sure felt good at the end of the day.

Had dinner at Jestines, a small family restaurant with a long tradition. Comfort food. Bill had sausage gumbo over rice and Sandy had grilled chicken. The squash casserole was a BIG hit and the mashed sweet potatoes were delicious! RecommenNovember 6 – 9, 2003ded. Walking around town, we scouted out the shopping areas and the King Street antique shop row. Wow, what beautiful merchandise!


Tourist day! We headed for town via the free marina shuttle. We had a late breakfast at Diana’s on Meeting Street… excellent! Then we did a self made walking tour, stopping at the old Powder Magazine, the Nathaniel Russell House, the Heyward-Washington House and the St. Phillips Episcopal Church. All had excellent docents who had lots of information to share. Afterwards, we returned to the marina to pack up and meet Sandy’s brother, Bob.

Side Garden in Charleston, SC
Side Garden in Charleston, SC

Bob looked over the boat. Then it was time to load all our dirty laundry, laptop and clothes for a few days into Bob’s car and take off for his home in Goose Creek. Bob and Pat treated us to a great meal at the house and we gabbed ‘til our eyes just couldn’t stay open any longer.


Today meant walking (for some), catching up on e-mail, etc., shopping for groceries and browsing the flea market next to the fairgrounds. Especially fun was a visit to Earth Fare in South Windmere, just west of the Ashley River where the boat is berthed. We all found interesting goodies at the great health foods store. Home for cocktails and snacks then off to Bailey Bett’s (a small restaurant run by one of the staff of Trident Technical College where Bob works) for dinner … great! We all watched the Clemson & Florida State football game which was really exciting. Clemson upset Florida!

Ashley Marina in Charleston
Ashley Marina in Charleston

Unfortunately, the replacement lifeline stanchions we expected to be delivered on Friday still haven’t arrived.


A lazy day. Sandy & Bob did a fast four-mile walk through the neighborhood. Bob’s development has lots of walking paths. We did three loads of wash. Sure is nice when you don’t have to use a laundromat. Took a drive to Mount Pleasant, north of Charleston, and a tour of the Charleston Air Force Base. Bob & Pat made a delicious roast beef dinner (including non-giblet gravy) and Pat’s potato casserole. We definitely have been eating very well on this trip! Oh, Sandy found a small Christmas tree to take along on the boat to help celebrate the holiday. Where we’ll find space to store it?!?!?!

We decided to stay another day to see if we can track down the errant lifeline stanchions before we depart Charleston. So, settled in for a relaxing evening at the Hobdays.