Salisbury, MD, to Lancaster, PA

Salisbury to Rock Hall, MD

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sunny & gorgeous, ice on windshield, low 60s

Bill and Steve managed to get out for coffee in the morning before Steve attended an early meeting at work. Then, we ate breakfast, said goodbye to Laurie and were on the road about 10:45.

We’d sort of despaired about not seeing much in the way of fall colors, but we were finally in maple country and were delighted to see some nice reds in the trees.

Arriving at our marina, the Sailing Emporium, early in the afternoon, we walked out to the end of our dock to see friends, Mal and Anne Marie. Then we set up the camper in the parking lot and Bill attended to a few boat chores, namely setting up the battery charger to make sure the batteries were topped off for the winter, to check the boat cover and to see that the dinghy was still secure. Happily, all was well!

Car, Tin Tent and Whistwind All Together
Car, Tin Tent and Whistwind All Together

We’d been invited to dinner aboard Mal and Anne Marie’s boat, Tiev Owna. It was sort of an end of the season gathering and Bill G & Kate and Mary Joe also joined us. The evening celebrated a time of change for all of us. Bill G was leaving the following morning to start moving their new boat down the ICW. Mary Joe was working to get her new-to-her home ready to move into. Mal and Anne Marie were readying their boat to be hauled on Monday so they could begin a European trip. And we were finishing our five-month camping trip to return to “ordinary” life.

Dinner Party Aboard Tieva Owna
Dinner Party Aboard Tieva Owna

It was a windy, chilly evening but the fellowship was warm and cozy. We shared nice hors d’oeuvres followed by Anne Marie’s entre of chili over rice. We finished the evening with a short video compilation of Alaska photos and videos that Bill put together during the afternoon.

It was really nice to see the marina and to catch up with a few of our friends.

Quote of the evening:

“Only a boater would buy a camper that looks like an upside down boat.”

Rock Hall to Lancaster, PA

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sunny & chilly, mid 60s

In the morning we stopped by the marina coffee room. And, although not too many people at the marina, we still managed to see quite a few before hitting the road at 10:15.

We stopped to visit Bev & John on our way home. They, too, were getting ready for a seasonal change, preparing to leave for Florida the following morning. But we got enough time to catch up and to visit with a few of their family and friends who were also visiting at the time.

By mid-afternoon we pulled up to our own front door. The place looked pretty good and it felt good to be home after all this time.

Nice to Find a "Welcome Home" Sign on Garage
Nice to Find a “Welcome Home” Sign on Garage

A Few Trip Statistics:

  • Miles driven: 20,600
  • Days on the road: 147
  • Campgrounds and other overnight destinations: 80
  • States, provinces and territories visited: 23 states, 2 provinces, 1 territory
  • Words in the Alaska episodes: 55,463
  • Pictures in the Alaska episodes: 513